Personal Injury

Many automobile accidents result in a sometimes bewildering array of issues that must be handled promptly, efficiently and aggressively.

Our attorneys as well as our paralegal staff, provide personal attention to all our clients to protect their interests. Clients have the right to expect compensation for their pain and suffering, their anxiety, the inconvenience to their lives, their lost income and, of course, for any permanent injury or disability.

We help to obtain, where appropriate, the personal injury protection (PIP) under our clients’ own insurance policies, the securing of a deferral of the collection of medical billings, and the coordination of any rehabilitation so that the client receives appropriate treatment pending settlement or, if necessary litigation of their claim. We also work with the client’s physicians and rehabilitation treatment providers to ensure that all medical records are kept up-to-date for submission to any insurance company or court, and to ensure that there is full cooperation between the physicians and other medical personnel, the Law Firm, and the client.

One of the main jobs of an attorney working in the area of personal injury is to give the client the freedom to concentrate on recovery and rehabilitation while not having to deal with the sometimes overwhelming tasks of insurance documents and negotiation, review, collection and assessment of medical records, consultations with expert opinion physicians about a claim, and record-keeping concerning lost wages and medical expenses,

Our attorneys and paralegals coordinate all of these tasks and keep the client informed and up-to-date as to the status of all matters relating to his or her claim. We pride ourselves on frequent and effective communication with all of our clients

GWEBLAW’s work in the areas of estate planning and business law allows us to bring to the area of personal injury knowledge relating to specific issues involving loss of business, consequential damages, and in the case of wrongful death, appropriate claims on behalf of members of the immediate family of the deceased.

Hopefully, you will never need this Law Firm’s services in these areas, but if you do, GWEBLAW is prepared to assist you in fairly settling your claim, or, if necessary, litigating against those who have done you harm, and working to maximize your recovery.