• Driving Under the Influence

  • Driving With a Suspended or Revoked License

  • Reckless Driving

  • Leaving the Scene of an Accident

  • Other serious traffic citation

  • Possession of illegal drugs

DUI/DWI and Criminal

Only an experienced attorney can provide the assistance necessary to allow the client to properly deal with all of the ramifications of being charged with a misdemeanor or felony. From obtaining the peace of mind of knowing what the process before you holds, and having an advocate working with you so that you can avoid or minimize the potential penalties which could include a loss of driving privileges, fines, and/or jail time.

Paul S. Lewis, Esquire, is a former Montgomery County State’s Attorney, and he and other attorneys at GWEBLAW have provided assistance to clients charged with crimes for more than thirty (30) years. Having attorneys who have worked both as prosecutors and as criminal defense attorneys, allows the client the maximum insight as to how the process works, the prospects of plea bargaining where necessary, and how to minimize the impact of an arrest on you and your family.

The critical time to commence preparation is immediately after any citation is issued or arrest occurs. At that time, with the assistance of experienced counsel, you can determine the nature of all possible defenses, as well as begin gathering evidence. In certain cases, rehabilitation programs are either required, or strongly suggested, in order to minimize the impact of any penalty imposed by the Court.

Our attorneys also have relationships with appropriate agencies such as drug testing facilities, and drug and alcohol rehab programs to guide you to the best type of activity for your situation. You can learn more about laboratory drug testing facilities by visiting the Countrywide Testing website.

Our Law Firm’s goals are always to ensure that the Client fully understands the legal issues, the process, and to ensure that the Client’s rights are vigorously protected and defended throughout the process and in Court.


The following attorney handles this area of law:

Paul S. Lewis