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Divorce & Family Law

A substantial portion of GWEBLAW’s practice is devoted to family law and divorce matters.  This includes all areas of domestic litigation, which may be necessary to ensure that the client’s rights are protected and enforced. In addition, our attorneys are fully experienced and trained in divorce mediation and collaborative practice – both effective out-of-court methods for resolving cases for our family law clients.

The Firm represents clients involved in both complex divorce cases as well as uncontested divorces. When a divorce involves high net worth individuals, complex business ownership disputes, business valuations, or self-employed individuals, our Firm’s business litigation and counseling experience ensures that our clients and their businesses are protected throughout the process.  In addition, we can help clients navigate the uncertainties of alimony whether you are the spouse seeking the support or paying support.

We also have considerable experience in domestic cases involving children including child support, custody, visitation and grandparent custody cases.  Our attorneys assist clients in achieving a parenting arrangement that ensures the best interests of the children are protected.  This may involve private or court-ordered custody evaluations, a best interest attorney for the children, family therapy or use of a parent coordinator.

In settling cases out of court, our Firm’s attorneys have prepared hundreds of separation agreements, property settlement agreements, parenting plans and pre-nuptial agreements.  While our efforts are always directed toward successful resolution of the dispute for the client and children, we recognize that if an out-of-court settlement cannot be reached, vigorous representation in court is required.  In court, our family law attorneys will assist the client in getting the best result possible.  This may include having our business law attorneys involved in the trial if there is a family-owned business or if there is a need to place a value on a business or stock owned by either spouse.  When necessary, we engage other experts and professionals to help our client’s case such as private investigators, appraisers, vocational rehabilitation experts and CPA’s.

In the unfortunate case where abuse is occurring, our Law Firm is very experienced in helping the client obtain an order against domestic violence for the protection of the client and the family’s children.  Further, where false accusations of domestic violence are made, we are experienced in helping clients defend unwarranted filings for orders against domestic violence.

Our estate planning attorneys can ensure that, pending any divorce or upon completion of a divorce, our client’s estate planning is revised so as to ensure the client’s assets receive the best treatment upon passing to heirs, and that all estate planning documents, including any existing trusts or powers of attorney, are revised to reflect the divorce.

The attorneys at GWEBLAW know that any matter relating to family law or divorce is emotional and difficult.  We work with our clients to make sure that they understand the legal ramifications of their actions and their rights under the law.  Where the opportunity presents itself, our attorneys advocate an appropriate settlement that recognizes the facts of the case and the rights of the parties.  When settlement is not possible, we zealously represent our clients in court and work to achieve the best result possible.

For more information regarding divorce and family law, see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.