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Business & Corporate Law

In establishing a new business, key decisions must be made as to the type of business entity to be formed, the legal relationships to be established between the owners, and the tax and financial arrangements that are most suitable to the client’s needs.  Each type of business entity carries its own burdens and benefits.  The precise nature of your business, the relationship between the owners, the desired tax consequences, and a client’s long and short-term economic goals all play important roles in this choice.

Growing businesses need leases drafted or reviewed and contracts with employees, consultants, suppliers and customers.  Issues of covenants not to compete, solicit or disclose, performance and payment, and business management all arise.  Our attorneys have the experience to address the specific issues that confront your business.

Our attorneys have been involved in the creation of businesses which are now publicly-traded companies and we serve as corporate counsel to the “mom and pop” type of business as well.  We are often called to work hand-in-hand with company leaders, outside accountants and business advisors to deal with complex legal issues to both protect and help our business clients grow.

The firm’s attorneys have also been involved in assisting numerous clients in buying and selling their businesses.  We have acted as lead counsel in assisting clients in buying small businesses as well as acquisitions and sales which on an individual basis exceeded $10,000,000.

Due to the fact that we have experienced business litigators, we bring that knowledge to the table in drafting contracts and agreements.  Our attorneys also act as resident agents for numerous clients and regularly provide counsel at board meetings when called on to do so.

In situations where a family-owned business is the subject matter of a divorce, our attorneys are able to bring their business and corporate law knowledge to the table to assist clients in working to protect this asset.  Sometimes this is an issue that comes up in the creation of a business where marital issues may be on the horizon.  Further, estate planning and succession plans play a major role in small, family-owned businesses, and again our attorneys use their knowledge of estate planning law to assist clients in meeting long-term goals.

Whether it is for the creation of a new business, meeting the needs of an existing business, or the purchase or sale of a company or its assets, GWEBLAW stands ready, willing and able to assist you.