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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Our attorneys have represented clients participating in ADR, as well as court-appointed and privately retained mediators and facilitators, and have used this knowledge and experience in advising clients as to when Mediation and Arbitration are appropriate. GWEBLAW attorneys believe that Alternative Dispute Resolution, including Mediation and Arbitration, is a cost and time effective method for resolving disputes without court intervention.

Our attorneys are available in the areas of family law and consumer, real estate or business disputes to serve as mediators and facilitators either prior to or during litigation.

In acting as advocates for our clients in Mediation, our attorneys bring to the table their training and experience as mediators. This allows the attorneys to have insight as to how a mediator evaluates a case, and how best to present the client’s case so that the mediator can encourage a fair and reasonable settlement.

Further, through the mediation process, both the attorney and the client can gain a clearer understanding of the theory of the case presented by the opposing party and their counsel.

With a settlement rate of well over ninety percent (90%) while acting as a mediator, Steven T. Blomberg is one of the most appointed mediators by the Circuit Court for Montgomery County, Maryland, in the areas of consumer, real estate and business disputes. His experience in these areas allows him to work with parties to a resolution of their cases prior to entering into the courtroom and resulted in accolades from both attorneys and Judges. In 2009, Mr. Blomberg was retained by two of Maryland’s largest law firms to mediate a multi-state, multi-million dollar lawsuit which was scheduled for a week long trial and which he helped the parties resolve in just one day’s time.

Paul Lewis has successfully served the Circuit Court for Montgomery County, Family Law Division, as a mediator, where he has been very successful in helping parties reach agreement in complicated matters, before the parties have had to invest in costly and time consuming Family Law litigation. He has also been appointed by the Circuit Court to mediate Personal Injury Cases, in the late stages of litigation. His practical approach to dispute resolution has resulted in the settlement of numerous actions that would otherwise have proceeded to trial.


The following attorneys handle this area of law:

Steven T. Blomberg
Paul S.Lewis