GWEB partner Paul Lewis has now been certified to mediate cases in Maryland.  After a 42-year career that involved his representing many clients in dozens of such matters, he has now switched “sides of the table”.  In the coming weeks he will offer his though and insights on alternative dispute resolution (A.D.R.)

Our attorneys offer the combined legal experience of more than 70 years.  Our team has collectively handled such diverse practice areas as: Family Law, Business/Commercial Disputes, Personal Injury, Probate and Real Estate which has provided the necessary background to assist clients who find themselves embroiled in such matters.

What is unique about our firm is the fact that we have been “on both sides of the table” on numerous occasions.  They have participated as both court appointed and private mediators on various occasions and on a relatively frequent basis have been represented parties in such disputes.

Steve Blomberg is a highly successful Court appointment business dispute mediator in Montgomery County.  He is justifiably proud of 90% success rate in resolving such important disputes.  In fact, he has in prior years been retained by two other law firms to mediate a multi-state/multimillion dollar dispute in one day, thus allowing the litigants to avoid a costly one-week trial.

Besides serving as a court appointed mediator in personal injury cases, Paul Lewis has been involved in Family Law mediation since the adoption of this practice by the Circuit Court in the 1980’s.  As a result of his efforts, his clients have repeatedly been able to fashion resolutions to such highly emotional issues as child custody and visitation.  Through mediation, clients have been able to achieve agreement on alimony, child support, and the division of property.  As a result, his clients have saved, perhaps, hundreds of thousands of dollars in costs that would otherwise have been used for legal fees and court costs.  More importantly, avoiding litigation often paved the way for ex-spouses to treat each other civilly post-divorce.

We’ve also learned that the other “nontraditional” fields lend themselves to mediation.  Our firm often hears heartbreaking stories of siblings fighting bitterly over an estate.  However, we’ve also learned that mediation can help family members to reach an understanding of the issues that have divided them, rather than forcing an Orphan’s Court Judge to parcel out an inheritance.